Desktop PC Assembly

Work as your subsidiary to offer improvident or wasteful assembly works
by assigned parties or modules to create good business and profit.

We own abilities of Programming, Design, Layout & Assembly for
MCU/CPU Micro Processing Devices & Other relative circuits.
Soldering, SMT, Bonding, Test,
Outlook design, Tooling & Plastic injection.
OEM/ODM cases are welcome.

Both sources of parts from buyers or our location are available.
Products can bear with any authorized distribution logo with bulk quantity.

assem_300.jpg (46940 ????)

Assembly include: Main Box, Frame, Mother Board,
Plug & Play devices, VGA card, Audio Card,
Memory Modules, DRAM, SRAM, CPU,
CD ROM, Hard Disk, Soft Disk, Modem, Net links & relatives
Service include: Software Installation, Test, Inspection,
Consolidation for purchased Key Board, Mouse, Monitor, Speaker & others

We are your overseas workshop to save your cost when distribution.

OEM Module MCU Small Module
Working Processes
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